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htchallengeimageLarge sporting events and conventions draw in a higher risk and chance for sexual exploitation and sex trafficking.  The HT Challenge is a social media event to bring up awareness about human trafficking during the Super Bowl.  “HT” Stands for “Half Time” or “Human Trafficking.”  In using the hashtag “#htchallenge” with information about human trafficking, people who may not know much about it will be exposed to the information and possibly have further curiosity to learn about the problem.
From the #HTChallenge website we created in partnership with the NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking, We have stated, “The Super Bowl attracts tens of thousands of fans to the host city, and millions of television viewers, making it the most watched broadcast each year.  But it also attracts a sector of violence, organized criminal activity that operates in plain sight without notice. Surrounding large sporting events we find excessive drinking, inhibitions, and a greater demand for commercial sex. Like any other business, the sex trade industry responds with greater supply to meet the increased demand. This is human trafficking.”
We recommend that you take some time to share about human trafficking using our website’s information, the NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking’s website, or the HT Challenge website.  Share some facts with those you will be around during the Super Bowl.  Share throughout social media websites as well.  We recommend learning about the “Game Plan” for individuals and organizations.  We offer many images you can use as well as prepared tweets to make it easier for you to share!
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