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If you are unsure of ways to help in the fight against human trafficking, sometimes the best way is by using your own money to buy products that are ethically sourced without slavery involved.  This ensures that you are supporting companies that are working hard to produce goods while caring for their employees.
We have a list of non-consumable items (housewares, shoes, eye wear, clothing, make-up, and more) that you can trust.
Most chocolate and coffee companies that are big-brand names involve child labor and practices that are harmful to field workers.  There are workers who are treated poorly, receive little to no pay, and are subjected to bad working conditions.  These companies that abuse them thrive in their businesses while their workers are suffering.  There are many smaller companies that have been created to provide a better way of life for the families of cocoa and coffee bean farmers.  We have a list of those chocolate companies for you. We also have a list of coffee companies you can trust.
If you want to educate yourself further about human trafficking, please see both our book list and our movie list.  These will provide you with information that can help you better understand the forms of modern-day slavery throughout the world as well as ways that you can become better involved to spread awareness or participate in the abolitionist movement.



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