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With the hard work that Polaris has put into fighting various forms of slavery within the country by receiving calls through their National Human Trafficking hotline and BeFree textline, they have been able to analyze more than 32,000 cases of human trafficking since December, 2007.  They released their Typology of Modern Slavery, which is the largest publicly analyzed compilation of data in the U.S. on human trafficking.
Polaris ReportPolaris has broken down human trafficking into 25 unique types that they have responded to.  The report includes the research of trafficker profiles and their control tactics.  Their information comes from their interactions with those who have called for help and their interactions with victims.  They make a point that they received more calls on sex trafficking simply because labor trafficking victims and others who call in reports have a greater lack of awareness about labor issues.  Only 16% of their calls involve labor trafficking and state that “forced labor is believed to be more prevalent than sex trafficking.”
For each of the 25 unique types of human trafficking, Polaris lists the amount of cases, information to explain what it entails, and the percentage of those cases that are male, female, or gender minorities.  They also let us know if they were adult or minor cases; U.S. citizens or foreign nationals.  They give examples about what the traffickers are like for that trafficking type, how they recruit someone, what a victim tends to be like, and how a trafficker might control them.
Here are the 25 unique types of modern slavery:
1. Escort Services
2. Illicit Message, Health, and Beauty
3. Outdoor Solicitation
4. Residential
5. Domestic Work
6. Bars, Strip Clubs, and Cantinas
7. Pornography
8. Traveling Sales Crew
9. Restaurants and Food Service
10. Peddling and Begging
11. Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
12. Personal Sexual Servitude
13. Health and Beauty Services
14. Construction
15. Hotels and Hospitality
16. Landscaping
17. Illicit Activity
18. Arts and Entertainment
19. Commercial Cleaning Services
20. Factories and Manufacturing
21. Remote Interactive Sexual Acts
22. Carnivals
23. Forestry and Logging
24. Health Care
25. Recreational Facilities
At the end of their report, they briefly share the next steps to eliminate each of these types of human trafficking types.
Please take the time to read through the report to learn more!
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