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Consumers are speaking up about their desire in having Fair Trade chocolate and goods ready-available in their favorite supermarket.  We implore you to keep up the great work in voicing this to your supermarket!  Justice Network has been noticing how much easier it is to find Fair Trade chocolate at the store than it was five years ago.  We want to share with you some of what we’ve found at Foodtown, Fairway, Shop Rite, Target, Walmart, and Stop & Shop stores.
Justin’s chocolate – Although Justin’s mainly sells peanut butter items, you can find peanut butter cups and more.  Not only are they organic and gluten free, but they also are highly into sustainability practices and transparency.  Their website even states: In addition to taking care of the earth, Justin’s emphasizes taking care of the community. We pay-it-forward through our hunger relief efforts with Conscious Alliance and the entrepreneurial global poverty relief efforts with Whole Planet Foundation. Check out the recipe for the Ultimate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies too. Mmm mmm!
Green & Black’s Gourmet Chocolate – This company is so ethical that they can’t help but scream about it from the highest mountain top.  They have recently become a member of Cocoa Life, which sets out to empower cocoa farmers and the communities in which they live in.  They have a variety of flavors to satiate your taste buds!
Stop & Shop brand – We recently posted on our Instagram and Facebook about Stop & Shop’s regular branded baking cocoa that is certified Fair Trade.  This is a big deal.  Many times store brands are cheap and seem a bit plain, but this is something we hope many other stores will follow up on doing!  Take a look at these delicious Cookies and Cream Brownies that includes the baking cocoa mentioned! Think of how many other items you can get that are Fair Trade to include in this recipe too!
Endangered Species Chocolate – This is a big hit with children.  They are the first American-made chocolate that uses fully traceable Fair Trade beans from West Africa. They really do help in saving endangered animals.  They have vegan options, are gluten free, and really feel it is important to help people, animals, and the environment.  Check out this Chocolate Mousse recipe using their chocolate!
Divine Chocolate – You can see this chocolate in most all stores these days, which is great because they are Fair Trade certified, have built great relationships with their farmers, believe in helping their farmers’ families by giving them a chance to gain a good education, and they even have a radio station to inform areas about co-operative work and ways that farmers can connect to one another in making profitable businesses.
barkTHINS – Pretty much this is every mom’s favorite food to snack on, and I am sure the kid devour it quickly too, right?  It is a good food to fight over considering they are Fair Trade certified and taste gloriously delicious.
There are many other chocolates that are ethical and Fair Trade that you can find in your favorite supermarket, but we think this will help you along the way of understanding more about the best way of eating sweets; conscious-free!



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