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It is January already!  What a great time to spread awareness around social media about what is going on in the world in regards to the oppression and injustice of modern-day slavery.
There are a few great events coming up this month where you can learn further information of how you can also bring a change to your local community and the world around you!
The next event is on the 11th!  It is a virtual summit.  You can be a part of it and watch it from wherever you are through Facebook Live.  If you want to be there in person, you can do that as well.  Here is a flyer for it and further information about the event if found here.
Have you seen the film I Am Jane Doe?  There will be a showing of it on the 23rd! This is a great opportunity to bring a friend along with you to help them learn more about what is going on in their own neighborhood. Register to go (it is free).
January 23
Have you heard??  Our organization has won the Innovator award at the NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking Liberator Awards!  The event’s does have a cost that we hope you will be willing to pay!  It is going to be such a great night and is a semi-formal cocktail attire event!
Buy your ticket by the 18th. The event is on the 28th!
NJCAHT Gala Save the Date



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