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Podcasts are a great way to listen to stories or to learn information and feel like you are listening to a radio show.  Atlanta Monster is a podcast that is a series of episodes to tell the story of the murders of over 25 boys and a couple adults in Atlanta, Georgia in 1979-1981.  They go through the whole case, have interviews with family members of the victims, talk to some of the officers from that time, and even talk to the man tried for the murder of two of the people.
What is very interesting is that as the show continues on through the episodes, they talk about a human trafficking child sex ring that was known in which many of the boys who were killed were definitely put through.  It makes you think a lot about the sex rings we hear about today.  Were all these murders possibly covered up because of a secret sex group?
Another thing that is brought up is possible involvement of the Ku Klux Klan.  All of the people murdered were black.  Were these murders about race? Was the KKK being protected so it wouldn’t bring about a race war?
We may never find the real answers behind this tragic problem that occurred, but we need to know that even today, people who are victims of slavery are disposed of and replaced and are left for dead the way these teen boys were.
Give the Atlanta Monster podcast a listen.  Not all of the episodes are out yet, so you have time to catch up while they get released. Be aware that there is bad language and talk about sexual abuse and murder throughout the podcast.
Have you been listening to this podcast? What are some of your thoughts?



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