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Human trafficking survivor Theresa Flores will be speaking at the next two S.O.A.P. (Save Our Adolescents Against Prostitution) events hosted by​ NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking and Church & Community Abolition Network. ​Theresa created this free program in order to help missing children who could be potential victims of human trafficking.  After her speech​, teams of people will take missing children posters to hotel managers and employees to see if they can identify any of the children.
Hotel workers will also be asked if they would be willing to put soaps into the bathrooms of their hotel rooms.  These soaps have the Human Trafficking Hotline number on them.  Polaris has stated that they get an increase of calls after each S.O.A.P. event.
Register to attend this April 28th event here.
Register to attend this July 28th event here.



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