What Does a Trafficker Look Like?

A seedy looking man with a rough, scruffy face and dim, squinted eyes walks past you on the sidewalk. His

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An Introduction to Human Trafficking

There are still many people who know little about human trafficking, or tend to think it is about immigration issues. 

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United Nations 2016 Global Report on Trafficking in Persons

In reviewing the latest report, some things that are key changes or notes are the following: There has been an

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Coffee Labor’s Daily Grind

Coffee is consumed by half of the population of the world.  The demand is high, yet since farmers don’t tend

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Fair Trade & Human Trafficking

Thank you to all who participated in the Fair Trade Holiday Market in November!  Here are just a few photos

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The Facts: It’s closer than most think.

Most people in the US believe human trafficking, sex trade, only happens in poverty-stricken areas of Southeast Asia. That’s where

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