Posted on March 6, 2017 by Victoria Tiedemann

Women around the world are suffering to provide for their families.  Out of desperation, they will sell their children in hopes that the child will not fall into poverty’s hands and to help their other children survive.
Hagar International  tried to express that desperation on the following video.  While this mother seems to understand what line of work her daughter may be put through, there are parents who are misled into believing their children will be in a more respected line of work.  They believe their child will receive a proper education and live out a life they could never attain themselves.
There are also women who will leave their families when offered a well paying job.  Their children might be left with relatives to be cared for.  It is a sacrifice they decide is best for survival in providing for their families.
In Indonesia, Dian Permata Sari left her husband and two year old child when offered a job in Saudi Arabia as an office cleaner, making $400 a month.   To those living in the US, this doesn’t seem like a worthy reason to leave your family, but to someone who might live off of $7 a week, it is a miraculous opportunity.
indonesianmaidDian arrived in Saudi Arabia and is kept in a dorm room with 400 other women who were all waiting to receive domestic maid work.  She was  given an instant noodle meal for the day and a water bottle to share between fifteen of them.  When she complained, she was beaten with a water pipe.
On March 8, it will be International Women’s Day.  Be sure to remember the women who go through great abuses in their oppression.  Stand up and join us in the fight of seeking justice for them.
Donate to Justice Network for preventative work and to help survivors of human trafficking.
Check out this petition to end forced marriages in the US.



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