Posted on March 13, 2017 by Victoria Tiedemann

The movie Priceless was shown at Cedarhill Christian Reformed Church on Friday night.  Roy Heerema, one of Justice Network’s members (and NECT Board Chairman), opened the night up with a brief introduction and a few facts about human trafficking before handing the microphone to Susan Panzica.  She brought up that perhaps her own daughter was not trafficked, but somebody’s daughter was.
The film Priceless was directed by Ben Smallbone, who had previously made a documentary about a former sex trafficker who now helps rescue women from the industry.  With Priceless, he decided to take on a more theatrical approach.  The director’s brother Joel Smallbone (also Rebecca St. James’ brother) plays a young widower who is struggling to provide for his daughter.  He takes on a job to transport cargo quickly in order to receive a cash payment.  What he finds are two sisters from Mexico who are to work in order to pay off their deceased father’s loan.  They believe they will receive a good honest job, but what they find out instead is a shady business going down that will harm them deeply.  The truck driver sets out to help them.
When the film ended, a Q & A was opened up.  Many people had great questions such as, “How many women go back home after they are rescued?” or “Is the Superbowl a main attraction for human trafficking?”
We believe this was a successful event!  If you attended our event or have seen the film, please share with us what you thought about it! Thank you.



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