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napaleseJustice Network partners with a private anti-trafficking organization located in the outskirts of Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu. This Nepali team’s mission is to overcome the darkness of human trafficking with the light of freedom.
Filled with humility and armed with only grace and faith in God, these Nepali citizens travel to remote villages in the Himalayas to educate mothers about the very real danger of human trafficking and train them to educate other mothers. Many of the parents they encounter have already lost their girls to trafficking. Most often they have been taken to India. The parents, who are desperately poor, are promised that the girls will have a better life with work and good pay, and will return with funds to help the family; but once the girls are taken away, they never return. They are trafficked for sex or labor. Their families remain desperate and poor after losing a beautiful young girl to this crime.
Nepal is one of the ten smallest countries in the world. It is landlocked, rugged, mountainous and underdeveloped. Often the team leaves at 3 a.m. to walk for days to reach remote villages — through floods, landslides and areas with venomous snakes. All of these have indeed threatened them at times in their travels. They take 15-hour bus rides over treacherously mountainous terrain. They travel for hours on mountain bikes to reach their destinations, yet they forge on.  Their training is making a very big impact in Nepal — the awareness they are bringing is saving girls!
mapnepalAt Justice Network, we feel privileged to be partnered with these amazing people in Nepal. They have many needs. The earthquake of April 2015 devastated their village. Two years later, they are still rebuilding. Their children need clothing, they often go hungry, and they need funds for schooling and medical attention. Some of their basic needs are for toilets, goats, pigs, chickens and clean drinking water. Low-income and orphaned children are in need of child sponsorship. Through fundraisers, special events and private donations, Justice Network tries to help with some of these basic needs.

  • Last year we donated a bicycle to help them in their travels.
  • During this past year, a flood severely damaged the home of the team leaders. They lost furniture and carpeting. We sent funds to assist them with the purchase of a replacement carpet to cover their living room floor before the frigid winter set in.
  • A few months ago, we earmarked funds for the village school. The team in Nepal was able to purchase much-needed sports equipment for the children to use in their physical education and recreation programs.
  • Just this month, we sent some support to assist with medical help for two children requiring critical medical attention. Without the medical intervention, they might be viewed as outcasts and therefore be vulnerable to trafficking.

To us all these were small gifts; to them they meant the world.
You can make a meaningful difference in the lives of a real-life team on the front lines against human trafficking in Nepal. Donate to Justice Network (make a note with your donation saying “Nepal”).
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