Posted on September 11, 2017 by Victoria Tiedemann

bccafe2thumbWho can’t survive a morning without a cup of coffee?
Some of us are running around our homes getting ready to go to work, getting the kids off to school, or have several other things going on that makes it hard to slow down to enjoy a cup of coffee.
While you might think of going to a convenience store or a doughnut shop for your morning coffee on your way to wherever you are going; a lot of those places tend to have slave labor involved in the making of their coffee.
We truly recommend looking into ethical, sustainable, or Fair Trade coffee to buy at a local cafe (and for your own home as well).  You not only get to enjoy some delicious coffee, but you will be supporting farmers who receive a fair wage rather than putting money into the pockets of companies that are not paying their farmers to do the work that you eventually consume and live off of.
A lot of companies are even unsure who supplies their beans or where the plantations are located.  Even Nestle admitted last year of being unsure.  There are great companies that form relationships with farmers and pay them fair wages for the work that is done.  Some of these companies bring their products to cafes to use to help them further.
We are so thankful that the information about slave labor in coffee supply chains are becoming more well known. In case you want to support some really amazing cafes that sell ethical, sustainable, and Fair Trade coffee, here is a list of our favorites!
Rock n’ Joe (Westfield, Caldwell, Millburn, and Union)
Raymond’s (Ridgewood and Montclair)
Boonton Coffee (Boonton)
American Bulldog Coffee (Ridgewood)
Kudo Society Cafe (Palisades Park)
The Fine Grind (Little Falls, Wayne, and Paramus)
Alpha Organics Cafe (Towaco)
Boxwood Coffee (Summit)
Smartworld Coffee/Simple Coffee (Denville, Morristown, and Mendham)
A Better World Cafe (Highland Park)
OQ Coffee Co (Highland Park)



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