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AUG2018Justice Network Meeting
Amy has a warm smile and a kind heart filled with love for those who have suffered oppression of modern-day slavery.  She has been to Mexico to work with survivors of sex trafficking through the organization Reintegra.  She will be sharing with us her experiences this coming Saturday, after we have our monthly meeting.
We invite you to come join us in learning more. Share the above flyer with your friends on social media throughout the week! Thank you!
Here’s a story directly from their website about a survivor named Neli.

I grew up in a very poor community with no running water, electricity or indoor plumbing. My father died when I was in high school. My family completely collapsed. I was without home, without money, and was grieving. All I could afford to eat were cheap apples and coffee. This vulnerable place made me an easy prey for a charming man who promised to care for me, offering marriage and eternal love. He was, in reality, a human trafficker. He said that because he had done so much for me that I owed him. I was soon forced to work in an alley in La Merced, a notorious red-light district in Mexico City until a police raid finally set me free.
With the passing of time, I have been able to regain my trust in people and in myself. I realized that I could help others. I have shared my story with more than 4000 people. I was spoken to audiences in Paris, Malta, the Vatican and the US. Reintegra has helped me in my studies and with the pursuit of a degree. In 2016, I graduated with a degree in business administration at the University of La Salle. I am now pursuing a Masters Degree at the Universidad de las Américas of and working at a law firm in my major of human resources. My dream is to use my degree to open a business that would hire other survivors and people in poverty who are vulnerable like I was. I also dream of using my platform as an advocate to help prevent other girls from being prey to Human Trafficking networks.



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