Posted on September 1, 2019 by Victoria Tiedemann

The Human Trafficking National Hotline has been spiking. More people have had access in learning how to get help. Polaris released this report.  Here’s a slight breakdown about it.

“In 2018, 3,218 individual survivors reached out the National Hotline, compared to 2,374 survivors in 2017.” It has handled 51,919 cases in 12 years!

Within the year, the hotline has received the most calls from those who are forced into escort service sex trafficking. The second most reported was a combination of sex and labor trafficking relating to illicit massage, health, and beauty places. The third most reported was for residential-based sex trafficking. Those forced into pornography are the fourth most called in cases.

15,042 females
2,917 males
109 gender minorities
5,010 unknown

The top reported ethnicity of survivors are:
Latino/Latina: 2,348
Asian: 1,809
African Roots: 1,072
White: 989
Mixed race: 184

10,731 were adults, while there were 4,945 minors, and an unknown age of 7,402 survivors.

The national hotline number is 1-888-373-7888
The NJ human trafficking 24 hour hotline is 855-363-6548



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