Posted on May 4, 2020 by Stephanie Zizzo

As many of us are sheltering in place, safe and comfortable in our homes, we must remember that human trafficking is still occurring. Victims are still being trafficked during quarantine. Many dedicated people are still working to rescue or bring aid to these victims despite the restrictions and limitations that have come from quarantine and social distancing. Thankfully, there are ways that you can help these victims while staying home. You can donate to these 3 organizations that will bring invaluable resources to victims and survivors during the COVID-19 crisis.

All proceeds will be donated directly to each organization. You can make a donation to any or all of these organizations through Justice Network via Paypal by visiting our website. Before you submit your payment be sure to find the “Note” section to add the name of the organization you are donating to.


Avanzar is an organization that provides services for human trafficking victims across New Jersey. The organization is currently opening a new stabilization home for youth that have been traumatized or abused, often as victims of human trafficking. They are hosting a Virtual House Warming fundraiser through Facebook. Your donations will help provide a home for these teens to heal and recover in. You can also make a donation to Justice Network with the note “Avanzar”.

Shear Love International

Shear Love International empowers people who are living in poverty, who may have been trafficked or exploited, by educating them in a trade. This trade has been hair design, however during the COVID-19 crisis, this industry has suffered. Instead, they have turned their hair salon into a sewing shop and are now selling beanies and other items. You can shop directly at their online store or you can make a donation to Justice Network with the note “Shear Love”.

Tamar’s Hope

Tamar’s Hope is an outreach program that works to rescue victims of human trafficking and modern day slavery. Members of this group walk through Newark, NJ looking to rescue victims, even during the current quarantine. They bring care packages of hygiene products, food, and resources for shelters and recovery programs. One of the ways they connect with victims is to take them to get something to eat at a local McDonald’s. Justice Network is collecting McDonald’s gift cards to support these efforts. You can send McDonald’s gift cards to Justice Network at High Mountain Church or you can donate on our website with the note “Tamar’s Hope” and we will purchase a gift card on your behalf.

Take Action

You can make a difference while you are home during the COVID-19 crisis.

• Donate to any or all of these programs: Avanzar, Shear Love International, Tamar’s Hope
• Join the next Justice Network meeting via Zoom by emailing
• Report any suspected abuse or human trafficking to your local police department
• Parents: Be present and available for your kids and talk to them about internet safety
• Watch the Trafficking and Exploitation Via Apps and the Dark Web recorded presentation on how predators use the internet to groom children for sexual exploitation and trafficking. The presentation also provides methods for protecting children from these predators.



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