Posted on July 17, 2017 by Victoria Tiedemann

While children are growing up, they love to go to toy stores and pick out their favorite toys that they may have seen on commercials or what they saw that their friends had.  Many times these toys are manufactured and are put together through slave labor; from the materials used for them, to the actual production of creating them.
Change it up this summer.
Imagine Childhood is a Fair Trade and ethically produced company that makes and curates toys that are handmade and beautiful.  They want to teach children about the nature around them as well as instill outdoor and indoor playtime with items that are educational and fun.  They also are all about embracing the imagination that children need to keep those creative juices flowing within them.
Here are some great products we love!
Fairy Playhouse Kit
Not only do your kids get to play with the playhouse, they get to build it. This can help them learn sewing skills, creativity, and adventure.

Sailboat Building Kit
Talk about a sturdy sailboat that is great for kids to build and then test out in water (from the tub to the lake)! This is a fun way to have your child and you spend your afternoon!

Shadow Puppet Theater
Do you have dramatic or theatric children? Do they love to create stories? This is a great outlet.  They can plan and create a story and set up their play for you to watch.  It is a great way to connect with your child and is fun for the family.
shadowpuppettheaterBird Bingo
While your children get to play bingo, a classic fun game for all, they can also learn about types of birds at the same time.
birdbingoStick-lets Fort Kit
What kid doesn’t want to build forts?  This is a set of silicone pieces in which you can put sticks inside to help with building a fort!  It even comes with a fort flag.

Fairy House Building Kit
Fairy houses are so much fun.  This kit comes with a glue gun and sticks and so many pieces that will be fun to get your child started.  Before you know it, they’ll be able to add bits of nature to it as well for additional fun (which the kit already comes with a lot of nature pieces).
fairhouseGarden Cookies
This isn’t your average mud pie kit, but a way to make it fun for children to learn how to garden!  It even comes with flower seeds.
gardencookiesWooden Ukulele Kit
This will help your child learn how instruments are made as they will be able to put together parts of this ukulele and afterwards play it!
Indigo Textile Kit

Your child will be able to design their own scarf while learning about dying it!
indigodyekitBasket Making Kit
Not only can children learn the details of how a basket it made, but they can experience it and learn how to appreciate the process of how items are made in general.
basketmakingWoodland Creatures and Farmyard Animals

These plush animals are not only gorgeous, but each one comes with information about the type of animal that it is (from how it lives to where it lives). Here are some of our favorites: Mother Goose, Wilbur Pig, Baby Chick, Little White Lamb, Mama Jackrabbit, Red Fox, and Squirrel

Handcrafted Dragon Costume
Imagine Childhood has a lot of masks and little costumes on their website.  Our favorite is the dragon.  What a great way to pretend but run around letting out that energy!
dragon costume



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